Cashmere & Care

Cashmere is our mainstay here at Two Bees and we’re committed to getting it in a sound manner. Herders from the steppes of Inner Mongolia are known for humane practices that gently nurture the growth of the downy undercoat fibers used to make cashmere yarn. These fibers are painstakingly combed from the goat, rather than shorn, to reduce stress to each goat and sustain a naturally producing herd. During a decade-long relationship with our manufacturer we’ve enjoyed the luxury of consistently exceptional cashmere, a Swiss eco-friendly dye process, and an Italian spinning/production technique that yields the fine yarn we’re proud to weave into Two Bees sweaters.



Our best news is the convenient care. Two Bees sweaters can be hand washed or machine laundered (gentle cycle, cold water). We recommend using a very light detergent and a mesh bag to protect the shape.

Once clean, lay flat to dry.