Leftover Halloween Candy?

Halloween was a blast but we are over the candy and need it out of the house!
We've worked up a list of 5 worthwhile things you can do with your leftover Halloween Candy to kick off the season of giving.
1. Take it to your local Fire Station. Firefighters appreciate the thought and while it may not be the best thing for them they love treats too!
2. Make Candy Brownies. If you haven't had your fill of sweets just yet you can use the left over chocolate candy to make an over-the-top dessert to share with friends.
Take a box brownie mix, mix as directed. Pour half of the mix in a pan then sprinkle with chocolate candy pieces, bars, all of it. Then top with the remaining brownie mix. Bake as directed. Maybe you take these to the firestation too!
3. Save it as stocking stuffers for Christmas. We typically have candy in our stockings so why not save it for December 25th? You may have to tape the bag up tightly to keep yourself from eating it but if we can do it we KNOW you can!
4. Drop it  off at a local church or shelter. Candy is luxury item and not everyone can afford it. Giving candy to those in need is something the giver nor reciever will soon forget.
5. Donate it to be sent overseas to U.S. Troops. Visit operationgratitude.com or halloweencandybuyback.com which send care packages to our troops stationed all over the world.
Now on to planning for Thanksgiving!

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