Day 4 Giveaway: ENEWTON DESIGN!

On the fourth day of Christmas Two Bees gave to incredible set of enewton jewelry! We are overjoyed to partner with enewton designs for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. Enewton Designs' home base is just down the street from ours and we love working with our friends especially when they are as inspiring as this team.
Hop over to instagram to be entered to win! Follow @twobeescashmere and @enewtondesigns and learn more about this extraordinary company that touches lives at every turn.
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You are born with style! Fashion either enhances or completely takes away from your style. Keeping things classic, current and timeless are important in fashion.”- Elizabeth Newton, enewton founder
After a career spent in the corporate and commercial design field, Elizabeth Newton found that her priorities changed drastically with motherhood. The proud mother and wife of four—triplet daughters and a son—sought an opportunity to prioritize her family and career.
She founded enewton design in 2011 with a simple mission: to create beautiful and meaningful pieces that touch both the gift giver and receiver through the creation of meaningful, versatile jewelry.
She originally gave her handmade designs to family and friends as gifts, but after friends continued to encourage her to sell the pieces, the business quickly boomed. Shortly after a $10,000 home trunk show, enewton was discovered at a local school by an Atlanta Apparel Emerging Designer committee member. Two months later, Elizabeth took a chance with a booth at the apparel market. During enewton’s first market, 10 retailers were signed and Elizabeth realized that her simple mission was striking a chord with many.
Today, enewton pieces are carried in over 500 storefronts. The company continues to grow thanks to all of their supporters and retailers, and continues to create elegant, expressive designs perfect for any style and any occasion.
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